The HTC One X is still just receiving the Android 4.1, JellyBean update in certain parts of the globe.

Android 4.1.1 - JellyBean Update Rolls Out for HTC One X

Android 4.1.1 – JellyBean Update for HTC One X

The Android 4.1.1, JellyBean update rolled out for the HTC One X in Asia. There are a large number of tweets these days from our supporters who can make sure the Jello Bean revise for the The brand new htc One By is currently producing its method to unlocked The brand new htc phones around the world.The revise is 364MB and needs users in order to download the precursory 1.6MB document which brings the actual software version to three.14.707.Twenty-four. After this is actually updated, the brand new version of Google android will begin to set up on the 1 X

The software additionally brings the main one X as much as HTC Feeling 4+ and the brand new landing page within the gallery is going to be improved, together with increased electric battery management. The brand new htc One By users upon carrier agreements will probably need to wait until the start of next year to get the Google android update. The actual HTC 1 S is anticipated to receive this before the finish of this 12 months.

This means that the HTC One V and Desire C will not be able to upgrade.The HTC One X is still just receiving the Android 4.1, JellyBean update in certain parts of the globe.The device’s web browser is now a lot faster than it was, as the new software allows it to fully utilize its quad-core processor. Various Benchmark results have been posted on to the internet showing the HTC One X ranking higher than it previously did thanks to the update. The Droid DNA by HTC hit Verizon stores last week retailing for $199 with a new 2-year agreement.The handset features the first of its kind 5-inch 1080p
SuperLCD3 display and is powered by the Snapdragon S4 Pro chipset with a 1.5GHz quad-core Krait processor. It also features Adreno 320 graphics and 2GB RAM.

Similar to the Android 4.1 update for the HTC One X in India, users will first see a smaller 1.6MB download which is followed by the main 364.54MB Jelly Bean update. If you’d like to check your CID on your HTC One X, head on over to Google Play and search: CID. Most of the CID apps should work. If you have not already received the OTA update notification, you can try to manually ping HTC’s update servers by going to Settings > About > Software updates >Check now.

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