Angry Birds Speaker Docks for iPhones, ipods and iPads

Angry Birds speaker docks designed for the iPhone, iPod, and iPad, featuring speaker units in the shape of everyone's favorite furious fowls.

Addictive game, Angry Birds are actually on their way overtaking the world. It’s probably the most widely played games about the iOS devices and today, Angry Birds for PC can also be available for download including adventures . We also posted concerning the recently discovered Angry Birds Syndrome that has been reported spreading over the entire planet.

If you are looking for a new tool as well as an addictive Angry Birds gamer, you’ll be surprised to know that you can
now have yet another item added to your Angry Birds collection. The brand new Angry Birds Speaker Docks for iPhone, ipod and also the iPad. You can now complement your collection of Angry Birds games, cases, cookbooks, plush toys and baby clothes with one of these speaker docks, clothed as your favorite feathered friends.

Gear4 is releasing a Angry Birds speaker docks designed for the iPhone, iPod, and iPad, featuring speaker units in the shape of everyone’s favorite furious fowls. The company is releasing three separate Angry Birds units: a Red Bird, a Black Bomb Bird, along with a helmet-wearing evil pig. All models can connect with any audio device by having an auxiliary cable,and every speaker gets its special dock to support your iPhone or iPad. Each unit features a 2.1 speaker, an electrical adaptor, and a 3.5 mm port for connecting to any very good music player.

Features of units:

Each one of the speakers features its own special feature. The $79 Red Bird speaker connects to the device by having an auxiliary cable and sports ths the device in the own stand. The $99 Helmeted evil pig speaker features two stereo speakers along with a subwoofer, and may charge any iPod or iPhone on its helmet; yet, the machine only works with these units, so the iPad users won’t want the pig. However, the $99 Black Bird speaker can certainly keep your iPad (or iPhone or ipod itouch) charged on the separate dock, as well as features the pig’s two stereos and subwoofer combination.

Playing strategy and others:

The original game follows a loose storyline, where multi-colored birds are to retrieve eggs which have been stolen with a group of evil green pigs. In each level, users need to slingshot the birds, each using their own special abilities, right into a variety of structures that house the pigs. The aim is to eliminate all the pigs, either by damaging the structures or hitting the pigs directly.

Currently you will find three iterations from the game: the classic Angry Birds game, and 2 special editions called Angry Birds Seasons and Angry Birds Rio. Angry Birds Seasons features holiday-themed levels for Halloween, Valentine’s, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, and xmas, while the latter game, Angry Birds Rio, was launched as a promotional tie-in using the 20th Century Fox animated film Rio.

The origional Angry Birds features 285 individual levels, while Seasons features 190 levels and Rio has 150 levels. Rovio’s United states general manager Andrew Stalbow says there is a chance we may see the birds on the much bigger screen. The most popular game has spawned a great array of cookbooks, plush toys, t-shirts, games, pillows, decal skins, phone casings, posters, and much more. Now, Angry Birds fanatics can also add speaker docks for their collections.

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