Best iPhone 5 Bluetooth Headsets For a Comfortable Experience

This is a smart bluetooth headsets specially designed for the business executives who want value for their money.

There are millions of iPhone fans all over the world in search of ways to make their iPhone experience truly pleasurable. Peripherals are needed to maximize the features of the iPhone. Perhaps, the obvious need is for improved audio output. People in search of the best Bluetooth headset for iPhone will discover the following insights of good use:

Best iPhone 5 Bluetooth Headsets For a Comfortable Experience

Best iPhone 5 Bluetooth Headsets For a Comfortable Experience

Functionality may be the king. If one is after improving his iPhone experience by buying the best Bluetooth headset to suit his personal needs, the other must look at whether the headset does present features that will improve sound quality, eliminate ambient noise and can have the same advanced technology as that of the iPhone itself. Anything less would make the equipment and the phone totally incompatible.

Samsung HM1700

Sleek, neat and simplistic. The Samsung HM1700 is a popular iPhone 5 Bluetooth headset on Amazon and elsewhere. Okay, I know professional users would choose Bose or Jawbone or Plantronics but if you’re not going too deep in to the market, this one would be your best choice.

Features of Samsung HM1700

  • Noise-reduction
  • Echo Cancellation
  • 9 hrs of talk-time (of course, expect less)
  • 8 hours of music streaming
  • 300 hours of standby
  • Built-in voice prompts

Plantronics M50

Plantronics M50 is yet another favorite that has a decent – otherwise exceptional – performance. It’s a little, minimal and simple iPhone 5 Bluetooth headset which eliminates the necessity to worry about static or reception quality.

Plantronics M50 Features

  • Ergonomic design
  • Voice alerts and whispered status alerts
  • 16 days of standby

Jabra Easygo

Jabra-’s set of Bluetooth headsets in many cases are found on Apple’s retail web. It’s confirmed that they’re quite good to go together with your iPhone 5 and the simplicity strikes in the design level. Not quite interestingly (but importantly, nevertheless), Jabra is a of the few headsets that you simply don’t feel the weight of. It’s light, made to be sleek and works all right.

Features at glance

  • Multi-pairing
  • Voice guidance for battery status
  • 6 hours talk-time
  • 192 hours of standby
  • echo cancellation through DSP

Bose Wireless headset Series 2

Bose needs no introduction. Their headsets, priced over the board, are top-notch and when you’re looking for something that will last ridiculously long and provide nothing but the best, you’re looking at Bose’s Series 2 Bluetooth headsets.

Features of Bose Wireless headset Series 2

  • The best noise-cancellation in town
  • Personalized right/left ear Bluetooth headsets for any perfect fit

Motorola HX550

Motorola HX550 is not your standard-issue iPhone 5 Wireless headset. Instead, it features a stunning and different design and if you’re looks-conscious, this will mostly appeal. It’s recognized to have some really amazing reception while offering some really good features that some of the best brands do.

Motorola HX550 Features

  • Extended range of as much as 300 feet
  • RapidConnect
  • Unique design/style
  • Voice prompts
  • Dual mic
  • Noise reduction
  • 9 hours talktime
  • 15 mins rapid charge for 4.5 hours of talk time
  • 16 day standby

Motorola Elite Flip

Motorola Elite Flip is a of the coolest Bluetooth headsets we’ve observed in the market. It’s got some really impressive features on the chart but it brings all of the real Motorola Bluetooth experience into its ecosystem. There’s the extended range reception, a HD voice quality, a real wideband audio etc.

Features of Motorola Elite Flip

  • NFC (while not of use with iPhone 5)
  • HD Audio Plus
  • Dual-Mic CrystalTalk tech
  • Extended Range and RapidConnect

Jawbone Era Headsets

Jawbone, using its ERA series of Bluetooth headsets brings something called Military-grade NoiseAssassin 3.0 which effectively removes every little noise who are around you and only lets in your voice. It’s impressive in the performance. There’s a lot of smart auto-adjustment happening while you’re on a call so that’s pretty slick.

Jawbone Era Headsets Features at Glance

  • NoiseAssassin 3.0 to get rid of background noise
  • HD quality audio
  • Integrates with your device through MyTalk app
  • Battery indicators included in the iPhone 5
  • Motion controls

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