Best Wallet Case for iPhone 5/5s: Keep Your Wallet Away!

Wallet features rich colors, perfect fit for iphone 5 and gives you extra space for your credit/debit cards and even cash.

Wallet cases are an incredibly convenient accessory for your iPhone. They allow you to keep all your credit cards, cash and ID cards on this page, safely tucked away beside your phone. There are many different kinds of iPhone wallet case to choose from, however. There are wallet cases with elastic straps and without. Produced from leather and made from nylon. Small and large.

Best Wallet Case for iPhone 5/5s: Keep Your Wallet Away!

Best Wallet Case for iPhone 5/5s: Keep Your Wallet Away!

Since iPhone 5, wallet cases happen to be quite popular. A niche market are available for this particular product and a number of people are very intent on obtaining the wallet case for their iPhones. A lot of companies, naturally, are involved in making such cases.

We took a stroll through the market and got hold of a summary of good to extremely good iPhone 5/5s wallet cases. Here’s to you:


iFlip cases are a little bulkier than, say, iWallie. However, they more than make up for it by being among the sturdiest bonded leather wallet cases for that iPhone 5/5s. The case comes with a flip mode so all you keep is safe and secure. About four cards and a few bills will fit into this perfectly.

Sport by Dock Artisan

Dock Artisan’s Sport is really a leather wallet case for iPhone 5/5s. It’s set to launch this month (Feb) and also the coolest thing about it is that it’s a much better version of the BookBook iPhone 5/5s wallet case. One major problem with wallet cases may be the bulk and that’s something Sport appears to solve almost beautifully. The iPhone using its snap-on case can actually be removed from the wallet case (it hooks on via magnets). And also the finishing is just awesome.

CaseCrown Pathway Wallet

CaseCrown is definitely the most accommodative wallet case for the iPhone 5/5s. It has a thin design so it’s sleek naturally. The situation holds on to the iPhone pretty strongly. The case can accommodate a lot of your cards and cash and the snap-on works best in making sure things are protected. Unlike the iWallie or iFlip if you can’t access the iPhone without opening the wallet case.

Krome CargoCase

We reviewed the Krome CargoCase a few weeks back and it’s one of the finest wallet cases for that iPhone 5/5s. The case is, however, bulkier than most others however it does come with some really amazing design. You can carry up to 4-5 credit cards or equivalent of bills and papers. Browse the review to find out more about the case.


iWallie is one of the very best of the wallet cases for that iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s. Cut exquisitely and stitched with bonded leather, you get a particularly high quality work here. The case features a few cut-ins to let you keep your cards and cash. The iPhone 5/5s lodges in to the case perfectly and is quite safe. There’s a cutout for that camera, obviously. Tops our listing of the best buy in the wallet case category.

Wally for iPhone 5/5s

Wally for iPhone 5/5s

BookBook for iPhone 5/5s

BookBook, obviously, needs no introduction. This iPhone 5/5s wallet case from TwelveSouth – the makers of some of the finest Apple-related accessories – is evenly the same BookBook thing that these guys happen to be producing for long. BookBook iPhone 5/5s case makes sure your iPhone is ultra-secure and so the things you keep in the wallet case is protected. Not to forget, the case itself appears like a miniature book. In the 19th century.

Wally for iPhone 5/5s

Wally is really not a full-fledged case. Instead, it’s a stick-on that aims to make your like simplier. Rushing to the grocer’s? You don’t need to pick your wallet and your iPhone. With Wally on, you can keep a few cards and bills within the Wally pouch that sticks to the back of the iPhone. Made from high-quality Italian leather.

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