Top 5 Best Apple iPhone 6 Wallet Cases

This androidxiphone article provide some the best wallet cases available for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus with affordable prices.

Wallet cases let you keep your cards and cash close at hand, and lots of iPhone 6 owners find these kinds of cases to be extremely convenient. These wallet-style cases generally provide you with room for two or three credit cards, or a single card and some cash. Wallet cases really are a smart way to carry everything you need, without needing to carry both a bulky phone case along with a separate wallet. These are the best iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus wallet cases around, ideal for both gents and ladies. Here’s a collection of five best iPhone 6 wallet cases that are available right now.

Spigen iPhone 6 Wallet Case

Spigen iPhone 6 Wallet Case

Spigen iPhone 6 Wallet Case

Spigen’s glorious-looking iPhone 6 wallet probably gets the most votes for a high-quality addition for an affordable price point. At $25, it’s the best offer you can get for a wallet case for iPhone 6 (although you’re certain to find many knock offs for cheaper on Amazon). The case also features some color options. And most usefully, it also doubles up as a stand (landscape mode).

Price: $29.99

Ionic Pro iPhone 6 Wallet

Ionic Pro’s wallet for iPhone 6 is really a typical wallet case with the features that we’ve come to expect out of this category. Slots for cards, some money, and a really good feel on the case. It’s a leather case with features like a soft micro-fiber padding, an easy-to-slide-in iPhone 6 case, and a premium look.

Price: $59.85

CM4 iPhone 6 Wallet Case

This cool iPhone 6 case from CM4 is fantastic for people who use their phones for business, or just for personal use. You can easily see which cards you’re carrying thanks to the peek-a-boo design, and you should be able to fit at least a few bills into the carrying slot on top of your cards and ID. In addition to the brilliant “Pacific Green” shade above, this example also comes in black and “Champagne Gold.”

Price: $39.99
Candywe iPhone 6 Leather Wallet

Candywe iPhone 6 Leather Wallet

Candywe iPhone 6 Leather Wallet

Candywe’s iPhone 6 leather wallet case is a standard-issue wallet case that doubles up as a landscape-stand for your iPhone 6. The case is designed to be minimal, thin and far less bulkier than most wallet cases. It provides a huge variety of color/design options that you can select from. There are a couple of slots to maintain your cards/IDs and some cash too. A few of the case options contain a magnetic flip that secures the situation shut. The others are more minimal than this but equally safer.

Price: $9.98

Terrapin Floral iPhone 6 Case

If you value flowers and prefer your phone cases to become functional, then this floral-printed iPhone 6 wallet case is extremely appealing. There are multiple pockets to stash all of your cash, cards, ID cards, and much more. If you hate carrying around another wallet, combine your wallet as well as your phone case with this roomy offering from Terrapin.

Price: $10.95

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