Top 5 Best Bluetooth Speakers for Android And iPhone 5/5s

These are the best Bluetooth speakers you can pair with your iPhone 5/5s or Android smartphone.

Apple has its unique place in music industry and this fact is quite evident from their very unique iPod along with other services like iTunes made just for music enthusiasts. Their services have redefined the real essence of music on gadgets with every passing day they are improving music services besides also excelling in other fields.

Top 5 Best Bluetooth Speakers for Android And iPhone 5/5s

Top 5 Best Bluetooth Speakers for Android And iPhone 5/5s

Apple iPhone 5/5s was their another innovation to uplift and redefine how one uses and appears at a Smartphone. iPhone besides as being a personal manager, productivity assistant and elegance symbol has also enhanced music experience by permitting users to experience quality music directly on their personal manager. A whooping internal storage, interactive UI, quality acoustics are the many features that Apple has introduced into iPhone to more than satisfy their customers in terms on quality music experience.

There are many music accessories available for iPhone which range from ear-pods, head-phones to wireless speakers. Apple iPhone bluetooth speakers fit in with the category of iPhone music accessories that deliver quality and boosted sounds for much better music and multi-media experience cheap they connect via Bluetooth make sure they are portable and convenient.

Best Bluetooth Speakers for iPhone 5/5s and iPhone 4(S):

JBL Flip Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Of all of the under-$100 Bluetooth speakers we’ve heard, JBL tops the chart. If you’re really serious about using a Bluetooth speaker long-term, this ought to be right on top of your list. JBL needs no introduction with regards to producing high-end speakers. While the Flip may not be a total-budget Bluetooth speaker, I believe it’s one of the best ones in the mid-range. The speaker has a 5-hour backup. Note that the speaker is extremely minimal and doesn’t have USB ports in case you were looking for them.

Creative D100 Wireless

Speaking of Bluetooth speakers, you may be someone with an eye for design too. As the JBL Flip comes with a neat, curvy and streamlined design, the Creative D100 takes design more seriously. Also, that one takes the cake for offering versatile power options: connect to the power source when indoors or consume AA batteries (with a 25-hr backup advertised) when you’re out partying. Creative D 100 also has a brother in D 80 however i think the D 100 holds better.

HomeSpot Bluetooth Audio Receiver

HomeSpot Bluetooth Audio Receiver is definitely an under-dog that shoots up to popularity amidst other brand products. Selling for $30 on Amazon and elsewhere, you’d expect this to become an average device but I’ve heard just the best things about this Bluetooth speaker. But having said that, this is not the speaker that pushes out excellent bass. For that average usage, HomeSpot’s Bluetooth Audio Receiver is definitely an amazing gadget with a decent price-tag. Additionally, it has NFC but that won’t come in handy for iPhone users.

Bose SoundLink Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

Bose SoundLink Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

Logitech Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

Logitech is renowned for their quality tech devices with this Bluetooth wireless Speaker they have effectively managed to provide the same quality plan to their customers. This device combines perfect tones from eight custom designed speakers and brings them together to provide a crisp,rich, full mid-range and deep, powerful bass sound on the wireless range of 10 meters.

Bose SoundLink Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

This lightweight and compact iPhone Bluetooth speaker delivers clear, crisp and detailed sound clips to bring your music to life. It features a built-in cover that can either be used as a protective case or unfolded to create and stand and allow instant music anywhere. The speaker system provides quality music for around 8 hours with its lithium ion battery.

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