Top 5 Flip Cases for the iPhone 5

These iPhone 5 Flip Cases offer that professional look in a variety of form factors that balance size, protection and added features.

The iPhone 5 is enormously popular because of its fast processor, long-lasting battery, and amazing display. It’s also lightweight, features an attractive body style, and may perform many tasks simultaneously. Consumers who own the iPhone 5 typically buy a case to protect the phone from scratches and cracks. Flip cases make the perfect choice because they protect the whole phone, unlike cases that leave the front glass of the phone exposed. The phone is easily accessible for calls and other use, but the flip case offers protection from damage that can occur when the phone is dropped.

Top 5 Flip Cases for the iPhone 5

Top 5 Flip Cases for the iPhone 5

Flip Cases

Flip cases protect the leading, back, and sides of the phone. This is especially important for the iPhone 5, since it is made of glass. White iPhones have ceramic glass around an aluminum base, and black iPhones feature tinted glass over the aluminum frame. Although the glass is durable and scratch resistant, dropping the telephone on the ground or on top of an item can break the glass of the phone or the display. There are several variations of designs for flip cases for that iPhone, but each offers protection for that phone when it is in the case. Consumers can certainly slip the phone in and out of the situation as needed, and most styles allow optimum use while the phone is in the case. Users simply flip the coverage over the display, making it visible for use. Carrying the iPhone 5 in a purse, tote bag, briefcase, or pocket can be dangerous without a case, because it could be scratched or dropped. Once the phone is in a flip case, the case protects it from this type of damage.

Slimline Leather Style Flip Case

If you’re searching for the look of leather but not the price, then this case might be up your alley. The Slimline Leather Style iPhone 5 Flip Case is really a slimmer flip case than our last one, with less protection but also less bulk. The case also offers a more modern look, with subtle graphite texture on the outer part of the situation. Inside, you’ll find a combination of soft microfibre and rubber, ensuring your phone is nicely cushioned and stays securely in position. The case fits the iPhone 5 perfectly, and even includes cutouts for the camera, buttons and ports. A great low-cost option.

Bear Motion Premium Flip Folio Case

Bear Motion offers this innovative flip folio case, which contains a silicon patch store the phone in place. The actual case is created of a thin leather coated with polyurethane for that look of genuine leather however with the easy care of vinyl. The interior back of the flip case includes a silicon patch, which securely supports the iPhone 5 in place. Removing the phone in the silicon patch is easy, also it leaves no marks on the exterior of the phone. As customer reviewers on the popular online site note, the patch is reusable, so users can attach and remove the phone as often as they want, and also the silicon continues to effectively contain the phone securely each time it’s attached. An advantage of this flip case is the fact that there is no frame or other molding to detract in the visibility and attractiveness of the telephone; the full front of the phone is seen when the case is flipped open horizontally. For additional convenience, consumers can fold the situation back so it acts as a stand for the phone for viewing videos, playing games, and other tasks.

Cygnett Lavish Leather Style Flip Case

This black leather case looks fantastic, because of its contemporary black leather style and also the high grade of its construction. The flip case provides a convenient form factor that allows full access to the front of your phone when you need to use it, and all-time protection for that rear and sides of your phone. The soft micro-suede lining will protect the screen of your iPhone and also the open sides will allow use of all ports and buttons of the iPhone 5. The case even includes a sensible magnetic snap closure to make sure that your iPhone is snug and secure always.

Neewer Folio Flip Case Wallet

Neewer Folio Flip Case Wallet

Neewer Folio Flip Case Wallet

This attractive flip case for that iPhone 5 by Neewer rates highest for flip cases. Neewer designed this case in polyurethane, which appears like leather but is more affordable and simple to care for. It comes in a variety of colors, in addition to both textured and plain designs. Once the phone is in the case, consumers could make phone calls and use many of the characteristics of the phone. Furthermore, the case includes a cutout area on the back side to support the rear camera of the iPhone 5, a feature that customers of a popular online retailer find beneficial. This case protects the phone from scratches and from cracks within the glass display. The flip cover doesn’t detract from the appearance of the telephone, and it opens horizontally. Like a bonus, the case includes three built-in slots for holding cards and identification. A magnetic closure supports the case closed, and it can easily be flipped open with one hand. Because of the wide selection of colors and styles available, consumers could possibly get more than one of these handy flip cases to match a variety of purses or outfits.

Elago Flip Case

Elago designs its flip case for that iPhone 5 in genuine leather to have an attractive look that complements the design of the phone. The durable leather exterior provides protection for that phone from scratches and breaking, while still permitting ease in accessing the phone. The design is slim and light-weight, so it does not add bulk towards the slimness of the phone, a trait that online reviewers rate highly. The cover flips open horizontally, giving the consumer full access to all of the phone’s features. It’s available in a limited range of neutral colors for any sophisticated look.

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