Top Five Favorite iPhone 5 Soft Silicone cases

Silicone is also a relatively cheaper material to manufacture, leading to some good low-cost options. Let’s have a look at five of the best silicone cases available for the iPhone 5.

Soft silicone bumper case for that iPhone 5 can help protect your iPhone from scratches, fingerprints, other daily damage and daily hazards that could hurt your iPhone 5.

IPhone 5 silicone cases may embrace the most miscellaneous varieties. The novel designs and also the affordable price are the primary reason behind you to choose a silicone case for the iPhone 5. The diversifying silicone cases cover lend much uniqueness to the iPhone, like the 3D cute tailed cartoon flower silicone cover and also the lovely bear flexbile silicone jelly case cover.

Top Five Favorite iPhone 5 Soft Silicone cases

Top Five Favorite iPhone 5 Soft Silicone cases

10-in-1 Silicone Case Pack for that iPhone 5

This case pack includes 10 differently coloured silicone cases, all of which fit the iPhone 5. This really lets you accessorise your phone as you wish – you can pick a case to fit your mood or your outfit easily because of so many colour options available. The cases are all lightweight and thin, taking advantage of the iPhone 5’s slim silhouette. The cases offer moderate protection against common damage dealing elements, including scratches, scuffs and minor impacts. The case pack is great to buy on your own, but can also work well if you purchase it for a group – everyone can have a few colours!

Teddy Bear Silicone Case for iPhone 5

This iPhone 5 case is incorporated in the shape of Japanese bear character Rilakkuma and adds an amiable face to your phone. The Stuffed animal case is made of silicone and adds a considerable amount of protection around the phone because of the thickness of the case. This means that it’ll be a little harder to suit into your pocket or purse, it means that it’ll resist damage far better too. The Teddy Bear case is well crafted and it is a cute addition for your apple iphone 5.

Case-Mate Waddler Penguin for iPhone 5

This adorable case is incorporated in the shape of a penguin. Well, suffice it to say, the situation is made of textured silicone and smooth plastic, creating a beautiful abstract penguin design which will impress as easily as it protects. The case is made just for the iPhone 5 and fits perfectly, with cutouts wherever essential for the ports, camera and buttons.

Otterbox Defender Series for iPhone 5

Otterbox Defender Series for iPhone 5

Otterbox Defender Series for iPhone 5

The Otterbox isn’t wholly made from silicone, but still deserves a just right this list for its vaunted protective properties. The Defender uses a tri-layer design to protect your iPhone 5 to the fullest, with a thermal-formed screen protector element, an inner silicone core along with a strong polycarbonate shell to complete it all off. This gives a good mix of protection for those parts of the phone and many different kinds of damage, including scratches, scuffs and fairly major impacts.

Incipio DualPro Shine Case

This clever silicone case for Incipio grants your phone impressive protection because of its combination of a silicone core having a metallic silver hard shell. Which means you should see excellent protection against an array of potential hazards, and the inclusion of the free screen protector within the package means that your phone’s screen is going to be well covered too. One great feature of the case would be that the front edges of the phone are safe with a thick lip, that will prevent damage to the phone’s screen even when it’s dropped screen-first onto a flat surface.

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